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- Our Story -

It all began in 1959 with one man and a dream.


I'm kidding, this is the year I was born. The idea have been there for long time, I have just been waiting for the right time to put it out and create a club where you are not just a guest but also a host. You can be proud to entertain your guests and friends, give a cocktail party for your business associates or your family in an atmosphere of elegance and chic; a place where you will not see the slapy dressed people you'd meet at a tourist bar; .........


Biggest Gay piano bar & lounge in the world.

Fort Lauderdale area is described as the Gay Mecca of the world and for this reason alone we choose to open our first location here.

Here boys go to many private parties at friend’s houses.

We’re offering our private house where every day we have a cocktail party.





  - Dress code -


Club Silver is an elegant gay's club, so it's important that you dress accordingly.


We like to see our patrons dress casual with a touch of chic.

You can plan your outfit by what you would wear to a dinner party with friends.

Choose comfortable, but dress-to-impress. Club Silver is not a Disco Club although we encourage our guests to dance when appropriate.







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